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Sumbiling Stories

Sumbiling Eco Village on International Volunteer’s Day

The 5th of December 2017 marks International Volunteer’s day. This year’s IVD 2017 theme and hashtag is #VolunteersActFirst recognizes the contributions of volunteers as first responders in times of crisis. According to the United Nation’s website on Volunteer’s day:

“Volunteers Are Present, All Around Us, Answering Calls In Times Of Need, Helping Save Lives Today, And Supporting Those Who Want To Continue Living Their Lives With Dignity Tomorrow. Risking Their Lives Every Day To Care For People Affected By Conflict, Violence And Humanitarian Crises, Volunteers Brave Many Dangers To Help Others, Driven By The Desire To Make A Difference In The Face Of Human Suffering. This Year, IVD Promotes The Contributions Of Such Volunteers At The Local, National And International Level.”

Volunteers at Sumbiling Eco Village

Us at Sumbiling Eco Village are blessed with the volunteers that has helped us developed the local community we are working with. We feel that each contribution matters. This post is to sincerely thank our previous and present volunteers for their involvement.

The year 2017 has been a great achievement for our team and it would not have been made possible without the extra help from inspiring individuals like you.


Team Borneoguide

*We offer longer volunteer placements for international volunteers. If you find what we do interesting and would like to contribute, we are open for volunteering opportunities. For more information drop us an email at We welcome international guests and this can be done via

*For locals residing in Brunei interested to volunteer, kindly contact us at or our social media pages or Instagram @borneoguide.official

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