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Indulge in riverside glamping at Sumbiling Eco Village

The air is never purer than the breeze that rolls down off the rainforest canopy, and into tranquil riverside setting of Sumbiling Eco Village.

Picture ‘glamping’ in wooden huts by the river, or trekking through the 130-million year old Borneo rainforest to see the rich diversity of flora and fauna.

If that doesn’t get you, hike nearby Bukit Burip at sunrise, and watch the fog roll over the forest canopy — trust me, it will take your breath away.

Founded in 2008 as a community-based tourism project, Sumbiling Eco Village combines the values of social entrepreneurship, environmental sustainability, and pride in indigenous culture.

Founder Leslie Chiang said he started the eco-village as an immersive way to experience jungle life, as well as provide employment for the local Iban community in Kg Sumbiling Lama.

“I had been working in the tourism industry for some time before I started SEV” he said. “It was a way to showcase Temburong as a tourism destination while also involving the local Iban community in the enterprise.”

Many of the Iban villagers are actively involved in running of the eco-village, showing visitors how to cook traditional dishes like ‘bamboo chicken’, which is chicken steamed inside bamboo stalks over a charcoal fire.

They also teach guests about their way of life, from fishing and hunting to traditional dance, music, and story-telling. Their immense knowledge of the rainforest also proves invaluable when embarking on long jungle treks.

Sumbiling also offers day trips to Ulu Temburong National Park, for visitors short on time, night walks in the jungle and camping expeditions to the rainforest. For adrenalin junkies, river rafting and tubing is available during the dry season.

Of course, a trip to Sumbiling need not be about Bear Grylls-type excursions. If you just want to get away from it all, you can grab your book or headphones and relax in one of many treehouse hammocks. Wake up to the hum of the rainforest and let the peace wash over you.

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