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Bookings & Payment:


Do you accept credit card payments online/at your office/Eco Village?

As of this moment, we only accept PayPal and cash payments on arrival.


Do you accept foreign currency as payment?

We do accept Singapore Dollars which are on par with Brunei Dollars due to currency agreement, except for the Singapore $1 coin. Any other foreign currency, will have to be determined on a case-to-case basis. We would be glad to show you to the nearest foreign exchange counter prior to your tour.


When is the cut-off time for a booking to be made?

We do not have a specific cut-off time for bookings, but do try to make bookings as early as possible for proper planning and to ensure smooth provision of services during your tour.

Directions & Transport:


How do I get to Sumbiling Eco Village?

Our usual arrangement for tours is to arrange all the transport ex Bandar Seri Begawan, so our guests do not have to hassle themselves, and so there will not be much risk of hiccups in our scheduling! However, if you wish to get there yourself, or are heading there from somewhere else, do take a look at our directions page, or drop us an enquiry.


Just for your information, the fastest and most convenient way to get to the Temburong District is to take a ferry boat from Bandar Seri Begawan to Bangar, Temburong's only town, a journey of 45mins through riverine mangroves. From Bangar, it is a 30min drive to Kg. Sumbiling Lama, and from the drop-off point, a 5-10min stroll to our Eco Village beside the river.

Can I take a taxi or bus to Sumbiling Eco Village?

We are certain that as of this moment, there are no buses or licensed taxis operating along Jalan Batang Duri. However, one can avail of services provided by locals who use their own cars to ferry paying passengers to and from their destinations within the Temburong District. Prices vary depending on operator and destination, so do ask around for a fair price. We have heard of prices from Bangar to our Eco Village ranging from $15-$30 per one-way trip!

Can I drive to Sumbiling Eco Village?

To drive from the Bandar Seri Begawan to Sumbiling Eco Village, please take a look at our directions page. Do remember however, that you will need your car's clearance documents to go through Customs, and also your passports, as you will be passing through Malaysia before arriving in Temburong.


What is this last boat time I keep hearing about?

As the only way to get to Temburong (without driving through Malaysia) is by ferry boat, we have to adhere to the scheduling of the ferry boat operators. The last boat from Bangar to BSB is from 16:00-16:30hrs and from BSB-Bangar from 16:30-17:00hrs. The timing of the boat operators are not fixed, and are dependent on how fast a boat fills up, and in the case of the time of the last boat for the day, whether there are enough/any passengers! Our recommended latest time to be at the jetty on either Bangar or BSB side is 15:30hrs.

Food & Catering:


Are you able to cater for vegetarian meals?
Yes, upon advanced request. Please advise on your vegetarian regime followed, so that we may make preparations, and if unable to, so that we may let you know.

Is the food served in SEV halal?
Yes, we use only halal ingredients.

Can I bring snacks along?
Yes you may, provided litter is disposed accordingly.

Any free food, snacks or drinks?
We have a water dispenser on hand to provide filtered water to refill your bottles (plastic bottles of mineral water are no longer given out in line with our environmental initiatives). Also, complimentary tea, whether morning or afternoon, is served. Other than what we have mentioned, you may bring your own.

Facilities & Accommodation:


Do you have flushing toilets?
In the Eco Village, we have built-up functioning toilets so you have one less worry during your stay here!

Do you have electricity and water supply?
Yes we do, at least in the Eco Village, although we try to minimise usage, since it is a rainforest experience!

I don't want to stay in a tent. Do you have rooms?
Our packages come with accommodation in tents by default. For upgrades to basic rooms equipped with a fan, light and mattress, please check each package's page for pricing. Subject to availability.

How about air-conditioners?
Come on now! The idea of coming here is to experience the outdoors and nature as close as we can get! The only cooling facilities are fans in the main hall and in the guest rooms. If the heat/humidity is too much to bear, there's always the river for a swim!

Packing List & Attire:


What do I need to bring along for my trip?

Depends on the activities or locations you will be going for. Check each package's page for what to bring for your particular tour. Some things to remember include repellant, sun screen, and for those who will be here overnight, clothing, toiletries and a towel.

What kind of clothing should I wear?
In general, clothing should be light and airy, and which will not impede walking. Also material which is quick to dry will be helpful since you will be getting into the water often. Check each package's page for more details.

Wildlife, Safety & Emergencies:

Are there poisonous snakes around?

Snakes are inevitably present in the rainforest! However, like most animals, snakes are not confrontational except when faced with a threat or when intrusion into their territory occurs. Our guides and local villagers are knowledgeable on the areas where snakes are present, and will decide on routes accordingly.


Are there dangerous fish?

No. If your mind has conjured scenes of vicious man-eating piranhas, you can rest assured that the only danger will be you not wanting to leave some of the waterfalls after the little fish start nibbling away the dead skin on your feet, fish spa for free!

Any dangerous animals to worry about?
The rainforests of Borneo are a treasure trove of biodiversity, home to numerous animals of all shapes and sizes. Some might pose a threat, but no, you should not have much to worry about. Simply put, most of the animals are found very deep in the rainforest, much further than most of our tours go. For those nearer to us, more often than not, they become aware of our presence from our scent, and tend to leave the area before we even know they were present.

Where is the nearest hospital?
The nearest hospital, the Pengiran Isteri Hajjah Mariam Hospital in Bangar, is about 15km away and is approx. 25 minutes drive from our Eco Village. It is a 50-bed hospital, equipped with an accident and emergency section.

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